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Owlcam Fleet Dashcam Solution Powered By LANA Fleet

  • Live GPS Tracking
  • Driver Behavior Monitoring
  • Live Streaming
  • Real-Time Alerts

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Fleet Dash Cams vs Consumer

Know the differences and decide what is best for you!


How Does The Owlcam Fleet Solution Work?

  • Captures Live Video & GPS Data

    Whether parked or driving, LANA Dashcam captures continual HD video of inside the vehicle and front exterior.

  • Detects Critical Events In Real-Time

    AI surveillance technology detects and auto-captures unsafe or risky events and activity in real-time.

  • Sends Instant Alerts & Collects Footage

    Clips are stored in the Cloud and SMS & email alerts link you to view footage of risky events or behavior.

  • View In LANA Fleet Video Platform

    See complete trip history by specific date/timeframe and track activity of all fleet vehicles from a live map on every type of device you own.

Why Your Business Needs a Fleet Management Solution With AI Dash Cameras

Precise GPS Tracking

With NO ADDITIONAL HARDWARE needed, this advanced dash camera solution for business fleets provides true location data in real time.

Allowing you to dive into the performance of your entire fleet, through analytics that are continuously evolving and allowing you to always achieve peak utilization of each vehicle.

Immediate Fleet Alerts

Stay in the know 24/7, with a variety of alert types such as Driver Behavior, Engine RPM, Fuel Level, Geofence, and more; the Owlcam Fleet solution allows you to act immediately.


Combat False Claims

Using video evidence to defend innocent drivers against false claims prevents costly legal battles and unnecessary payouts. It is also one of the most effective ways to increase driver acceptance of a fleet dashcam.

Fool-Proof Evidence

Elevated Customer Service

When you equip your commercial fleet with an advanced fleet dash camera solution, you can take your customer service to new heights. Enhanced transparency through real-time location data, efficient routing, and accurate time-of-arrival records being able to deliver unmatched service to your valued customers is priceless!

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The Ultimate Commercial Dash Cam & Vehicle Security For All Business Fleets

Tow Truck Fleets


Taxi & Cab Fleet


Construction Fleets


Utility Service Fleets


The Mobile App Designed For 24/7 On-The-Go Fleet Management

Discover The True Benefits Of On-The-Go Fleet Management

  • Instant Push Notifications For Key Events
  • View, Analyze, And Share Footage
  • Make Sure You Deploy The Closest Driver With Mobile Access To Live Location Data
  • The Clean Gallery View of This App Gives You a Clean
    Filtered View of Your Entire Fleet
  • Over 75% of Surveyed Customers Utilize The Mobile
    App More Than The Desktop Platform
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Switching To Owlcam Fleet Is A Breeze

Kingpin Tattoo Supply Propels Forward with Owlcam Fleet

Kingpin Tattoo Supply recognized the necessity for a solution tailored to their commercial fleet requirements. Transitioning to Owlcam's fleet solution powered by LANA Fleet from Owlcam was seamless!

With the LANA Fleet platform, Kingpin gained access to enhanced insights and flexibility, allowing them to add multiple cameras and access deeper analytics unavailable with Owlcam for consumers.

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Monitoring Driver Behavior In Real-Time Protects Your Fleet 

Did You Know That 80% of Accidents And 65% of Near Collisions Involve Some Form of Driver Distraction?

Video Quality Reduced To Hide Driver Identity, True Camera Quality In HD.

Did You Know That 80% of Accidents And 65% of Near Collisions Involve Some Form of Driver Distraction?

Protect Your Fleet From Distracted Drivers

Owlcam's fleet solution keeps you informed and in the know like never before with a combination of AI video processing and accelerometer algorithms to alert you of improper driver behaviors. These behaviors include phone use, fatigue, harsh brakes, harsh accelerations, hard turns, tailgating, and more!

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Owlcam For Business Fleet FAQ’S

Why is Owlcam Fleet Solutions Provided By LANA Fleet?

Owlcam fleet is powered by CallPass’s LANA Fleet application. LANA Fleet is a certified and approved provider of Owlcam fleet solutions. Both Owlcam and LANA Fleet are solutions provided by CallPass.

I Already Own A Number of Owlcam’s Can I Use Them with LANA Fleet?

Owlcam cameras are compatible and can be transferred to the LANA Fleet solution with a full factory reset.

How Many Cameras Can I Use with LANA Fleet?

You can add as many cameras as you need to the LANA Fleet solution. You can also add as many users as you need.

Does LANA Fleet Have a Mobile APP and Web Browser Application?

Yes, LANA fleet comes with an advanced desktop application that can be accessed via any preferred web browser and a mobile application for Apple iOS and Android smartphones and tablets for true-on the go fleet management.

What Is The Main Difference Between Owlcam and Owlcam Fleet?

Owlcam fleet powered by LANA fleet is a true fleet management solution for business fleets of all sizes. It provides real-time alerts, GPS tracking, Driver Behavior Monitoring, live streaming and more. This data gives you complete control over your fleet and helps you direct your drivers to where they need to be. Owlcam Fleet powered by LANA Fleet helps you optimize service for your customers and make better and quicker decisions based on HD Footage. See all the difference and decide what is best for you in our Fleet Dashcam vs Consumer blog